Saturday, April 10, 2010

oh la la

OMG! It's april already,pre as exams nearly over,which means that my as is getting closer which also means that gira will be going soon!oh no!I'll miss her alright.ok i'm getting all fidgety and bursting into tear glands have been functioning since march and i easily get sad and touched over small that an omen?besides i'm missing my family too much,ummi went to sudan for the whole week and i was the one who got so affected by her departure.i'm so embarassed with my sisters and ahmad.i mean i'm big enough to hold back those tears,and be a lady!but i choose not to.well not yet i suppose.i'm still daddy's daughter.well,today was quite a day,had biology papers in the afternoon,was kicked out from the examination room in the evening!(well actually,our schedule had a slight change),ate dinner with mimi and gira,celebrated belle's birthday and right now holding a sort of slumber-party-beauty-therapy and conducted by the beautician of our stairs,harisah.the girls were wanee,miza,nadiah,ayuni,nad and for the first time ever i'm wearing a mask which i really feel weird and excited mingling about.well lets see where this slumber party's going off to.

i'm in love with the Creator!

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