Monday, May 18, 2009

the grass on the other side is greener

the grass on the other side is always greener
its an english proverb which was told in a story i read ages ago
when i was in primary school.
it was regarding a goat
which was always unsatisfied of the grass in its area
and thinking that the grass on the other side of the village
was much better and greener than its
once the goat had the opportunity to shift to the next village
it was then the goat realised that the village where it used to live
was much greener and better!!!
the moral of the story
is to teach us to be grateful of what we have
no matter what
just remind ourself that Allah
has gave us the best
if we have a car and we get jealous of those with bigger cars
think of those who don't even have a transport to move here and there
if we don't always eat delicious meal everyday
think of those in Gaza who are starving and have difficulties to eat anything!
if we don't own fancy attires and so
think of those who wear rags and dirty cloths
theres a hadith about gratitude which will make us think back
It is reported on the authority of Ibn ‘Abbas that there was (once) a downpour during the life of the Apostle (may peace and blessings be upon him Upon this the Apostle (may peace and blessings be upon him) observed: Some people entered the morning with gratitude and some with ingratitude (to Allah). Those who entered with gratitude said: This is the blessing of Allah, and those who entered with ingratitude said: Such and such asterism was right. It was upon this that the verse was revealed: I swear by the setting of the stars to the end and make your provision that you should disbelieve it. (Sahih Muslim – Book #001, Hadith #0135)
how grateful enough are we?

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