Tuesday, May 5, 2009

advertisement of BEANZ




Presenting you the opening of our new shop


Your satisfactory is our priority

If you happen to be wondering about in Times Square
You are most welcomed to walk in our shop
We sell stuffs of Tommy Bahama,Adidas Originas,Robert Graham,Bugatchi,Andrew Christian,Nike and the list goes on.
So , there you go
For any further enquiries your are welcomed to visit directly to the owner at
Have a nice day
Shop till you drop~~

*ehem* *ehem*

Don’t I make a good advertiser???Please agree!!!

Well, the shop above of course exists somewhere in Times Square, can’t actually remember the exact location and mostly it sells men’s attire, so I don’t really have a concrete reason to go there unless I’m getting something for my dad.

I found it by accident I guess, me and ninie was walking around and we were indeed shopping till we dropped (yes you have a point there Mr. Wafy) when I suddenly cam across these two mamat that were holding plastics bag with the BEANZ on it. So I was really determined to find the exact shop. And we did!!!I was indeed excited because, how often do you come across a shop with a friends name on it? Name me one? So I had to snap pictures,


Here it is … BEANZ shop

Well I must say this is also a post dedicated to bean himself, a friend I know who has faced a lot in his life and strong enough to face it due to his willpower.

Life is like a tale to tell yet it is no fairy tale and we are the one who will be telling the tale…
p/s the blogspot is his,its not the real owner of BEANZ's ok!!
its not much,its not a masterpiece,but its sincerely from me...

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