Friday, May 1, 2009

journey of life

i've always been thankful being grown up in an environment that puts education as a priority,the two pictures above shows my first year at school at Kendall Primary School in 1996 and next to it is a picture of my last year at school at Pasir Puteh Science School in 2008.The years I faced during my school years were memorable years.But what I thought was the most valuable experience is getting the opportunity to be in two different countries at England and Malaysia.Eventhough both have different education systems I know I recieved proper education taught by superb teachers and having understanding friends.I remember the awards given like the gold and silver awards because I excelled in the task given like reading and spelling tasks.when i returned to Malaysia I even achieved Tokoh Pelajar award.And not to forget for the major examination like UPSR,PMR and SPM,Alhamdulillah I managed to get straight As in all the examinations I sat for.It does sound that I seem to always face over-the-moon experiences,right?But alas!I do sometimes end up down-in-the-dumps but I don't think I shouldn't scribble it down here,because thats for me to keep.But we know that ups and downs in life is a norm.Nothings weird about that.Why should I fuss?All in all,I haven't reached the peak of success yet and I have a long journey ahead of me.But throughout the journey,I'm grateful for Allah the Almighty for giving a blessed life,my parents,Ummi and Abah for standing up for me no matter what,my supportive family,my line of teachers that have been teaching me,friends that have been being my crying shoulder and being beside me and not to forget those I haven't mentioned,millions of thanks.May Allah Bless us.InsyaAllah~
its not much,its not a masterpiece,but its sincerely from me...

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