Friday, May 1, 2009

(ahl bayt) أهل البيت

cheese!!i still remember whenever you want people to smile when snapping a picture,you tend to say this word.and it somehow worked!!cheese...i mean common whats so special about it?nothing! for goodness sake.Well I managed to scrape these pictures while doing a little spring cleaning,unfortunately some were somehow unavailable,you can somehow see the evolution of the Nordin's family.I'm really proud being Dr Nordin's and Salwana's elders daughter and to have five siblings all together,Nur Naelah Ariefah,Nabiela Husna,Maryam Haaziqah and Ahmad Nabhan Fikriey.All the laughters and tears are endured together.Really hope we'll stay as one big happy family.InsyaAllah .May Allah Bless us.Now in Islam family is considered as ahl bayt and there is a mention of it in the holy Al-Quran.

Ahlul Bayt (Ahl al-Bayt) in Noble Qur'an

The Purified Ones: The Highest degree of purity means to be kept constantly away from all the causes of impurity. This is termed as the state of infallibility in knowledge, character and action. It could have been applied generally to the whole mankind who are keeping aloof from all the impurities as the word of Allah (SWT) commands; but, Allah (SWT) expressively has confined His order to certain group of individuals by excluding the rest of the mankind from it in His divine will by declaring Ahlul Bayt (Ahl al-Bayt) as the persons purified by Him to be constantly in touch with the Noble Qur'an in its original, hidden, well protected, exalted and purified form. It was Allah's (SWT) wish to remove all blemishes from them:

The Verse of Purity (Ayat Al-Tathir): "... Allah only desires to keep away the uncleanness from you, O people of the House! And to purify you a (thorough) purifying." Noble Qur'an (33:33)

The above verse from Noble Qur'an, is known as Ayat Al-Tathir, refers to the members of the household of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), which include exclusively Prophet Muhammad, Imam Ali, Fatima Zahra, Imam Hasan, and Imam Hussain (peace be upon them all). Hence Prophet Muhammad's (pbuh) other offspring, wives, sons of paternal uncles, and dwellers of his house are not to be called as Prophet Muhammad's Ahlul Bayt (Ahl al-Bayt).







its not much,its not a masterpiece,but its sincerely from me...

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