Thursday, May 7, 2009

feeding the soul [special edition]

Thoughts of Allah, then say ...

When starting to do something, say Bismillah - In the name of Allah

When intending to do something, say Insha-Allah - If Allah wills

When something is being praised, say Subhan-Allah - All praise due to Allah

When in pain and distress, say Ya Allah - Oh Allah

When expressing appreciation, say- Masha-Allah - As Allah willed it

When thanking someone, say- Jazak-Allah - May Allah reward you

When awakening from sleep, say- La Ilaha ill Allah - There is no God but Allah

When taking an oath, say- Walla Billah - I swear by Allah

When sneezing, say- Al-hamdu-lillah - All praise is due to Allah

When someone else sneezes, say- Yar Hamok Allah - May Allah have mercy on you

When repenting of a sin, say- Astagh Ferullah - I seek the forgiveness of Allah

When giving to charity, say- Fi Sabi Lillah - For the sake of Allah

When having love for someone, say- Lihub Bullah - For the love of Allah

When getting married, say- Aman to Billah - I believe in Allah

When parting from someone, say- Fi Amaan Allah - May Allah protect you

When a problem appears, say- Tawak kalto al-Allah - I leave my faith in Allah's hands

When unpleasantness occurs, say- Na uzo Billah - I seek refuge in Allah

When pleasantness appears, say- Fata Barak Allah - That is Allah, your Lord, then blessed be Allah

When participating in a prayer, say- Ameen - May Allah accept our prayer

When hearing of a death, say- Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi Raji'un - To Allah we belong and to Allah we shall return

its not much,its not a masterpiece,but its sincerely from me...


.n.a.k. said...

Ya Allah,
jadikanlah kami hamba yg sentiasa mengingatiMu,
biarlah lidah ini sentiasa memuji-mujaMu
Semoga tenang dlm redhaNya

sayang aqeelah

Aqeelah said...

sayang nadhirah
and sentiasa doakan kejayaan nadhirah!!