Tuesday, February 16, 2010

thanks ain for tagging me~

Rules: once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 10 people to be tag.

first and foremost,thanks to ain aka itekkiut for tagging me.i've never been tagged before,nor do I know what is the main reason people tag others,yet thanks again and let me see if  i can finish it in one shot

1.I can hibernate for the whole day,wake up and not guilty to still feel sleepy,i'm one sleepy head

2.I hate cancellations of classes,call me geeky but I really do,and I don't understand why some want it badly.

3.I'm a homy person and i could bear spending the holidays stuck up at home

4.I really want to be a Genius,i'm not but i've always wanted to be one

5.I want to live in a cottage like Little Red Riding Hood and make my my own Ginger Breadman cookies

6.I once wished to have a genie and grant my wishes.

7.I am so soft hearted towards friends and totally opposite of that with my siblings(no wonder they are always pissed off with me)

8.I am a total chatterbox and I can drift someone into talking for a whole night 

9.I can just go easily to one stranger and crack up a conversation,and I know some out there just can't bear with people like me.

10.I'm a little filthy-head because I'm not that good in doing houseworks,can't blame kak ina(my maid) for that , can't I?

11.the burden just continues piling up and i so badly want to start my medicine course

12.i used to be known as Gogeh during primary school and I was matched up with Belok(my classmate),LOL you just can't help but laugh your ass out if you reminisce the old days!

13.I once heard someone talk bad about me and i cried the whole night

14.i'm not close to be called a good-girl but I 'm those who just loves attending usrah's and listening to tazkirah's

15.my current addiction is maher zain and i can't let his song Open Your Eyes out of my head

16.I'm no korean fan but I know all the latest updates,Mblaq,red soul,CN Blue and the list goes on.(thanks to ifah for shoving me with a whole list of new bands and groups)

17.I long to return to Colchester and meet up with my long lost classmates at Kendall Primary School and not to forget,Miss Abbots,how are you doing?

18.I'm not good in keeping in touch with people,that explains why I'm always having trouble to contact my fellow friends

19.In KTT,I have three homes and I'm naming it accordingly,the library,the staffrooms and 7-1-a4

20.I once did spring cleaning and I found out my old diaries,up until now i have nearly 10 diaries and when i read it back,its like rewinding an old cassette and you'll just go bonkas knowing it was you who wrote it

21.I fall for a guy easily,have major crush on him then I forget about him.(all of this is done without the other party knowing it and I've never experienced real love though,since I've never got a boyfriend)

22.I get dehydrated easily and I really wish i had humps to store the water!

23.the major record that I'm currently holding is entering NS for merely 15 days 

24.I was once a primary teacher and I really love being one.but I'm definitely determined to be a doctor,InsyaAllah

25.Ya Allah,forgive me for my whole wrong doings that i have done accidently or purposely up until now.

fuh....that was close.I was nearly close to give up this tag thingy.But Alhamdulillah,i'm done and since I don't know whether I have a lot of readers or not.but I'm tagging anyone who reads this post.You are basically the chosen one. -_-

have a nice day everyone~

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