Thursday, February 18, 2010

bob the builder can you fix it!

my atok is what one calls,bob the builder.he just can't see something out of place or broken,he'll fix it and mend it till it functions,once he went to our home in shah alam,and he was looking around when he spotted a drawer full of unused,don't misunderstand,it wasn't put their just for fun,all the phones were broken.there were nearly five of,he decided to take this LG flip which was used during 2007,which was a long time ago and tried to fix it.The next thing we know was,he was using the phone as though nothing happened!OMG!so my mum asked him how he did it,and casually he answered,"la,pegi beli bateri jela,pahtu beli charger baru" and chuckled.we laughed till our jaws ached,because all this while,we thought that something was wrong with the charger so we kept buying new ones and still the phone gave us predicaments.but the real problem was on the battery.whoah!anyway,so once it was fixed,i started fidgeting the phone and came across various pictures of us a couple of year ago.and so i'll post it here cause these pictures really made my day.

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