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I'm about to depart to Jeddah from KLIA.So now,nawaitu kena jaga,jangan fikir nak melancong,not even having thoughts of enjoying,jangan fikir nak shopping,jangan fikir nak rasa great sebab dah pergi sana several times,tolonglah Ya Allah,correct my niyah and let me go there to just seek your blessings especially since its the last days of Ramadhan.Ummi also reminded me to keep my mouth tightly close and not giving blunt comments(especially kalau bab mengata orang)!So I'm zipping my mouth right now and I hope it doesn't stop here but also onwards.


Amanina said…
seronoknya.. :D

insya-Allah satu hari nanti..
semoga perjalanan diredhai Allah, kiki. :)

p/s - exam bio tadi susah!!
Aishah said…
qeelah, jalan baik. nnt jgn lupa doakan aku dpt fly sme2 dgn kau ;)
Aqeelah said…
nina,cuak la pulak nak amik bio mid sem!

aisyah,ok kite dapat fly same2 insyaAllah!

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