Thursday, January 13, 2011

A note to God

is it a norm to feel scared?

is it a norm to feel butterflies and lots of other insects moving vigorously in the stomach?

is it a norm to feel restless ?

thats always felt when there are major things going on,especially when the time left is less than 24-hours.

but alas,

I almost forgot,I almost put aside,that the most vital part after our endeavors,is to leave the rest to our 'wakilan',who else than Allah the Almighty.

It is He that determines our ability and capability instantaneously.

It is He who will comfort us doing these stressful moments.

It is He who will be there for us.

It is He who loves us eternally.

It is He who awaits us in paradise.

Who are we to deny and who are we to forget,

Slaves who are always ungrateful and easily take things for granted.

I am sorry Allah for being ignorant and careless,

Bless me tomorrow and for the days onwards.


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