Friday, August 13, 2010

marhaban ya ramadhan!

salamun'alaik to all,may Allah bless all of you.
after nearly a year passing by,we have reached the month of ramadhan al karim.i was talking to my housemate,mayang and ruz about ramadhan,and throughout the chat,i got to know that whenever someone greets you with "marhaban ya ramadhanulkareem" you should reply back "allahu akram".Well then,i wanted to share a few things regarding ramadhan,whenever we mention ramadhan,we know automatically that we have to fast throughout the month,Allah gave his orders to the muslims,to fast starting from the year 2 hijrah.So,imagine that people have been fasting since the medievals,why shouldn't we?Fasting or puasa in arabic is said to be,assiam.It also means,leaving or meninggalkan and in istilah syarak means,ensuring that we don't eat or drink and do actions that can misguide our fasting starting from dusk till dawn.This month is also very special and means a lot because the syaitan's are captured and cannot disturb the muslims,so we are only left with our nafs.Imagine,every single syaitan is tied and locked up?I suddenly picture that the people in the world become as nice as angels.Subhanallah!First of all is that,niyat is very important when we fast.No point fasting for one whole day,exhausted to the limits,but we forgot our niyat!as simple as 'lintasan di hati' or a brief thought of wanting to fast , does it all.besides that,multiplying the ibadah sunnah and other good deeds.Allah rewards the ibadah sunnah we do,the same as he ibadah fardh,while the ibadah fardh we do,he rewards us 70 times the reward we do for ibadah fardh,Subhanallah!Moreover,in Paradise,there is this door,the door called Ar-Rayyan ,that can only be opened by those who fast,thus isn't that a privilege for us the Muslims?Allahuakbar!Up until then,there's plenty of rahmah in this month of barakah!so Muslims,lets walk together and feel the halawatul ramadhan.insyaAllah

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