Saturday, October 27, 2012

| Raya Sakan :p


Its nearly midnight here in Urdun. Alhandulillah, we managed to visit akhawat's open house near masjid thal's area and near arabella.

Their laughters, smiles, and hugs will really be some meaningful souvenirs that will be brought back home.

As normal human beings, we need to be reminded, over and over again.

Thats what exactly happened today, I was reminded for His Greatness and His Mercy. Indeed I am aware but I tend to forget.

So when it came from an akhawats mouth, it gave a different impact.

Sungguh aku mahu Allah memelukku.
Memujukku dan menghalau kerisauan yang sering singgah di hati kecil ini.

Aku merinduiMu Ya Rabb!

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