Sunday, October 14, 2012

mim sod ro, Mesir.

"I wrestled with my soul as with a foe,
It bidding me to err, I saying no;
We were ancient enemies at large.
I put on patience, to withstand its charge.

Imam Al-Ghazali

Patient honey. Real patient. I realized, I'm such an impatient person. Whenever my desires are denied, I get real mad, I nearly turn into The Hulk.

Dalam al-quran, Allah pujuk kita, suruh bersabar.
Dalam usrah, murabbi pesan, bersabar dengan ujian.
Dalam daurah, penyampai share banyak-banyak pasal kesabaran.

We always get reminders about being patient.

Yet, to what extent is our patience?

Whenever we come across problems, its our iman against ujian.



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along said...

d mesir ke? untunglah dapat jejak kaki ke bumi anbiyaa...