Monday, October 8, 2012

closing eyes, inhaling deeply.

"Just sit down and relax. Take a minute to realize, after all. We are a human. 
We make mistakes. And we are not perfect. 
We are only,

 a human."
-J.K Rowling

Sometimes, in life, we are too hard on ourselves. We tend to blame every wrong things happening to us, and we grumble every second. Sometimes, what we encounter is not our cup of tea, thus we tend to spit it out. 

Sometimes, human beings themselves don't understand them, nor others and thats where the root of the problems start.

I wanted to go somewhere, yet she didn't allow me.

I wonder, whether by still going for it is the right decision, but my heart seems to obey its owner.

Please don't be mad nor hate me.

Please don't.

I think I want some time alone with Him, to discuss with Him, and to ask for His solutions, because again,

He is the best Planner.

Please Ya Rabb,

Help me, your slave.

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