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I Letter to Your Highness

I spent the whole day with Eka, an adorable ukhti that I really admire for her determination, coolness and punctuality, subhanAllah are blend all together perfectly.

And we talked about Zikr Fatimah,


Thirty three times after prayers.

Its called Zikr Fatimah, because according to the seerah, Fatimah was exhausted throughout making the dough bread and thus asked her father for some solutions, her father, who was Rasulullah(pbuh)  gave her an advice, which was reciting this zikr as to help her through her problems.

Well thats the story of its origin, today, we were returning home after finishing from some matters done in Mena Tours and 'Asar prayer in Jamek Ibrahim, we conversed, we talked about a lot, and suddenly, we were conversing about Zikr Fatimah.

Okay, there was something regarding this zikr,what touched me was the arrangement of the zikr itself,

First, Rasullulah, the al habib, told us to recite,
SubhanaAllah which means Glorious is Allah.

Imagine the things we do before prayers, the sins we did that we didn't realise, the things we said which wasn't nice, the things we see which we weren't suppose to be seen, thus, Allah wanted us to be purified, just like how Exalted Allah is, so we say subhanaAllah to cleanse and wash off the sins that grew inside us.

Then we say, alhamdulillah which means, praise to Allah.

For every single breath should be followed by every single second of saying thank you to Allah especially for the non-stop supplication of oxygen, but alas, we aren't capable of saying it every single second, thus, whenever we remember of His mercy and kindness, quickly say alhamdulillah.

For every, rizq and pleasure that we encounter in life, for every forgotten gratitude,thus keep saying alhamdulillah, to repay Allah's kindness although, by saying thank you isn't enough compared to what Allah has given us. But remembering Him is more than enough for our hearts, for by remembering Him, know that He is definitely near.

Lastly, we say Allahuakbar which means Allah is the Great.

As a timid slave of Allah, He is the great since He made us, He made everything inside us and everything around us, thus to meet Him, we must be aware of His Greatness.

For every pyramids in the deserts, there is a Lord beside it and it isn't the Pharaoh,

For every golds and jewels, there is a Lord that owns it which isn't Qarun,

The milky way that consist of the earth and planets, there is a Lord that controls it,

The stars twinkling, brightening the dark sky, there is a Lord that twinkles it,

For every leaf that falls and blankets the ground, there is a Lord that is aware of single drop,

For the Lord that witnesses my writing because of His greatness,

May You Bless me for every single tap on the keyboards.

My Highness, the Exalted.

The Lord,

Allah the AlMighty.


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