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| 1 zulhijjah 1433

If blogs could be written by heart talks, instead of manually typing and stuff, then I guess, I'll be posting each post frequently.

But alas, even though, technology is evolving, the world is becoming a borderless world, yet, Allah still puts a limitation to all. Allah still preserves some very important features a s a human being that can't be replaced by gadgets nor technos.

Thus, intuitions or heart talks, will always remain between Allah and you, even your mum doesnt know what is in your heart. Thus, thats why Allah is your true lover.

Even a small whine or a sigh of exhaustion, He knows.

Even a small flinch of crushes or a tiny feeling of brag, He knows.

Tell me what Allah doesn't know?

Because He knows all. Well , He did create us, why wouldn't He know about us then.

I express through words better. After reeditting and rewriting things that could be publicised, only wanting to ensure that the post are also reminders for me.

Despite that not the whole world would read such insignificant writings from such an unimportant person but if there is, may Allah bless us. Me and you.

Forgive us during the times we almost forgot Him and bless us in the times we remember Him.

Zulumat ilan nur

From darkness to light.

I just had my sharings last night. Its been a while since my last sharing with them before the summer holidays. Just like a thirsty lady on a sunny day, who was given a lemonade drink.

Despite the ups and downs in dakwah and tarbiyyah, never leave usrah said k.ness during my jaulah to borneo island sone.time ago.

And indeed I agree.

Never leave usrah.

Never skip usrah eventhough we think we more busier than a prime minister.

Sesibuk mana pun kita, dulu, kini dan nanti, carilah masa untuk usrah, lebih-lebih lagi doktor.


These days, we are learning thoroughly parasites, bacterias, viruses with their tongue twisted name, we face troubles to memorize and even pronounce their names. Sarcodina,matigosphore, fasciola, schiztizoma mansoni and the list continues.

But , are we awared that SubhanaAllah, these are creations of Allah. Thus, its our responsibility to get to know them, to taaruf with them, as we are going to be dealing with them sooner or later.

And how magnificent Allah is because He made by himself this vast knowledge regarding the world and its creations.

Sedangkan makhluknya yang mudah bagiNya untuk diciptakan, sudah begitu complex untuk kita,namun kita harus mengenali mereka. Maka lihatlah pencipta kita.
Cukupkah taaruf kita kepada Dia untuk buat kita fall madly and deeply in live with Him?
Cukupkah kita taaruf dengan Dia?
Cukupkah usaha kita untuk cuba mengetahui tentang Dia?


Today is the first zulhijjah.

Its not wrong to renew intentions and refresh the old intentions.

Whatever they are, may we this month shower us with barakah.

And may we become 'someone' in His eyes and gain some scoring points to grab His redha.

Allahu Allah

Ya muqalibal qulu, thabit kulu bana ala dinik, wa ala ta atik.


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