Monday, October 29, 2012

| ilaliqa urdunn

The clock is nearly striking midnight, and this reminds me of one saying,

The man who decided to change on the twelfth, died on the eleventh.



Al Asr.

Demi masa.

Indeed, time is the the most obnoxious silent killer than cancer. You cant sense when its getting too late, because you just never know when death might be inviting you.

Well back to the story, I'm almost done, here in Jordan, we feel gloomy, but thats what we think. Since we are leaving the people here, the food and the places.

No more, laughters of Husna Ishkandar, coolness of Una, sly ammu khalid, and tonnes of akhawats who are sweethearts and smiling throughout the brief taaruf.

Its gonna be a while since, I'll be returning to these places biiznillah, Petra, Jerash, Maqamat, Ajloun, Balad Amman and many more, is a beautiful gift from Allah, to me.

And delicious food, such as maklubat, mansaf with laban either the classic laban or the modernized laban.

Series of stories shared throughout the journey in the car rented during the whole trip. I must say, ruhiy sharings and warm hearts welcomed during the ziarah around Irbid and Amman

'alla kulli hal,

It was wonderful.

Allah gave this feeling, and thus, Allah.

Tanah syam, was divided into 4, urdunn, suriya, filastin wa lubnan.

And alhamdulillah, being in either one of it, makes me feel honoured to be living in such a holy land.

How I wish I could be s strong as khaulah, or as sincere as khansa.

These people are epic.:)

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