Thursday, October 4, 2012

| Some humble du'a for such a great ukhti

Its been a while since I felt the night breeze of Alexandria City. Its good to feel and smell the not so fresh air with the moderate humidity.

Unusually, tonight was extraordinarily nosier and people seem to be flooding almost in every places. But as long as the hearts was filled with love, then everything was okay regardless how bad they seem to be.

I was with Nini, my so called holiday-mate and a dear ukhti and I was also with me dear little ukhti, Ekha. We managed to sow some seeds of love fillah,  and celebrated humbly Nini's birthday.

I think I did mention some time ago, how birthdays were very important to me. Birthdays was a must to celebrate, along with a cake and a gift.

I think I told Nini this and she just laughed at me. And must I tell you, she has that very hilarious laugh that always made me easy. We had such a brief taaruf, which was during a kenduri kesyukuran held by my friend, Azila back then in KTT, but we managed to keep our friendship on going until now.

Now regarding birthdays, she didn't seem to mind, not celebrating fancily the birthday itself, since I myself am not so good in planning fancy events but I really hope that you had a wonderful time.

I know Nini, that you might not be reading this nor would you agree for me to publicly write lovey dovey words, but just so that you know, jazakillahu khair kathiran for being such a meaningful friend. Listening to all my blabbers, laughing to my lame jokes, reminding me to dhuha, reminding me to recite the qur'an,reminding me to pray on time, knowing my weakest point *winks deeply* and the list goes on in my heart.

Wherever your heart is tonight, I hope it is always with Allah,

Happy Birthday Nini and May Allah Bless you.

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