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the call

there's so much to be compiled this week,i don't think i'll manage to organize it as neatly as i think i can.i'll just blurt out ,whatever i think i want to say!first,i went on a picnic with my family,everyone was there!!!ummi,abah,ifah,yam and ahmad.una dear i know you couldn't come due to classes.but we'll have fun some other time,ok?well,back to the story again,ummi came with a basket full of delicous and appealing meals!we ate steamed chicken with rice,crabs,mini pizzas, and honey dew finished the made me reminisce the days in pasir puteh,where i never went to picnics nor even went outings with my family.but i understood at that time it was due to distant predicaments.we went strolling near the rivers,captured a few shots,well i guess tonnes of them...credits to ifah and abah.and it was ended by a heroic act from me.we were jumping from stones to stones,and maryam kind of let her slipper loose from her feet,and the slipper drifted a way with the water,she panicked and didn't know what to my dad was starting to get angry,but i managed to run to the other side of the river and rab a twig,fiddle with the slipper that was stuck on the brink of the river...and i got it!yeay! alhamdulillah.i wish there was picnic ,part 2!nonetheless,i got my baby back.she was looking smashing as ever.and i felt like i was given a new start.totally!that wasn't fully true but then again,i really missed my baby and using una's samsung was bugging me all weak,with no features and the difficulty of pressing the keypads,i won't see samsung so much after this i hope.well,then examinations over,and i never knew i did that bad for maths.i missed a few questions,got stuck on several and the rest remains history.i still remember ummi's words telling me,'qelah took maths as a back up right?but then , why is it scaring you off?'OMG i was dumbstruck,what my mum said was absolutely true,but that was way before pure maths was damn tougher than additional mathematics!well,i still don't see how its difficult but i'm having troubles coping with it.i'm off wandering how to repair the flaws in maths and to still take care of the other subjects welfare.i won't leave you guys.but i must say,before exams,i did concentrate too hard on physics and kind of missed the others,but it won't happen is flowing like fluids.who knew tuition fees cost a fortune? but i must say chemistry tuition is making me head over heels.i'm so into organic chemistry now and i think i love it more than the previous one,physical chemistry.with mechanisms to remember and analysing whether it has a chiral carbon or not or determining which way is trans and which way is cis.and now i'm stuck in my apartment scribbling on my blog.i'll be attending a convention in uniten,regarding the thought of as-syahid imam hassan al banna,and i'll dash back home to wrap up the weekends.everything will be normal by next week.fullstop. can't wait for another boring chapter in ktt.


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down the memory lane[part 2]

I was helping my mum scanning her photos during her years in the US ,when I bumped into this photo of a friend of mine that I truly adore.
sharifah aiman al jafri syed ihsanoh yeah she's the one wearing the red scarf.sweet isn't she!!from left:aiman,irfan(her sis),maryam,me,aishah she's my age and we were together during primary school at SK Sura.Boy was that a long time ago and to think I'm about to start my uni years!!!She's now in England and after like more than half a decade not contacting her,we started contacting each other via email.I can't afford losing her again.The value of a friendship is indeed priceless!!

Berita besar

Di saat seorang ukhti datang dengan berita bakal melangsungkan bahtera perkahwinan, Tentunya hatinya diselebungi bahagia, gembira, ketenangan dan redha dengan aturan Allah,
Di saat yang sama, seorang ukhti lain datang dengan berita, bahtera perkahwinan tertangguh, si jejaka mengundur diri, katanya ingin mengalih fokus dari fikir tentang jodoh. Tentunya hatinya diselubungi hiba, kusut dan sedih dan paling penting, juga akur dengan caturan Allah.
Allahu T-T
Dua berita besar,  Berbeza watak, Berbeza perasaan.
Yg sama adalah,  Berpaksikan Allah.
Indahkan menjadi muslim yang sebenar-benarnya!

caca merba tulisan si penulis

I always act impulsively, be it planned or unplanned. Like when I'm writing this very moment, is unplanned business, I simply write what I feel, with a little bit of add ons and thus, my writings are ready to be publicized. macam masak mee segera je, campak-campak dan cepat masak. Its not that its wrong, only when its finished, its all over the place. cacamerba gitu.

I want it to be properly arranged, nicely put in words, explanations and analogies so that what is presented, is beneficial to everyone, especially to me who reads back my own writings.

emotions are to be publicized accordingly and kept accordingly.

May Allah preserve our writings, and we only write which is AlHaq.