Tuesday, January 5, 2010

blues clues

counting the days till the D-day.to meet at the most exquisite rendezvous,Dewan Utama.everyone will be scribbling and jotting down anything that comes across the mind at that particular time.
that was like a couple of hours ago, when my spirits to face this AS was soaring and tumbling high above the sky.until night fell,and my feelings shattered to pieces.i was devastated,and i hope to Allah it is a blessing in disguise.my heart pounded vehemently.i couldn't think properly and was flicking the shekels for the zillionth time.i went to the bus back and fro,checking whether there were still those who accidentally didn't pay.sadly,everyone shook their heads and my difficulty wasn't solved.finally,left with no choice and trying to be as willingly as possible(i am insyaAllah!)i used my owns.at first,i thought i was going to burst right on the spot,nevertheless it aggravated even more with my fellow comrades throwing empathy and thrusting ideas on how to solve it.their were those who never even cared,but still it doesn't matter.but still,whatever does occur,it has happened.just keep on praying and hoping that someone Does realise they mistakenly took it.still,looking on the brightside,its really great to be surrounded by people who warmth you with their kindness and its good to have jovial camaraderie with them.friends are knights with shining armors whenever we are in distress,and that it is totally undeniable!well then, after a whole night full of things going around mr,i'm exhausted as can be.i hope that the the total power output that i got while learning physics just now in quotient with total power input given by Allah for letting me understand physics,which was taught by sir kumar, will reach efficiency one hundred percent.so before i rest my case,i really hope that whatever happened tonight will reach an ultimate solution and my shekels are returned.

to whoever that had accidentally took the extra shekels,are total schwangs!(ask jake sully what on earth is it)

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