Saturday, January 9, 2010

never ending issue.

a weekend in your lonely apartment at an isolated college is quite irksome.i mean the quietness really gets on your nerves!nevertheless the environment still builds up my spirits to put some endeavor to finish my long never lasting list of topics to cover.i try to sit back,close my eyes,heave a sigh of blissfulness and start sorting out my plans for the weekend.exams are just around the corner,you can almost see it!its less then a fortnight and i still haven't got everything settled down completely.i need to revise back the topics during the first loads of past years questions.and just keep on doing it.i must say,being alone does make you idle and sometimes you realise you are drifted in another complete different world.but it won't be long till you step back in reality.i must go now.nature is calling and i have a big responsibility to do!oh my god,this sure is a never ending issue...

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