Thursday, January 7, 2010

nonstop full stop

it's way past midnight,and i definitely know there is nothing to worry when i'm no cinderella to be back at home before the clock strikes 12.but there's a major predicament here.i have just got back in my cosy apartment from my friend,leen's the way,we're just neighbours. never mind that.what i meant to say is ,whenever i start opening my jaw and sound coming out from my larynx,i get really intrigued when having conversation with people,and the next thing i know,is that i had just spent a few hours talking.there's never a full stop once i start!and every minute that passes through really is a waste if you spend it unwisely,like someone just did!it's good to have a chat,but having long conversations really aren't a good lifestyle for us.why?the conversations will end up,talking about people behind there backs,sometimes giving ferocious remarks of people's appearance or attitude and the list goes in the end,there's definitely no output.because the input itself is nought!it's preposterous because when i try and reflect back what i talk about, sometimes it's about minute and negligible matters.i guess,thats the problem that arises the moment you know how to jumble up words and create sentences which leads of longer words to pronounce and end up talking nonstop.i have been blabbering since little and have never failed to reach the finishing line.hooray me!so until then,i just hope i get to control myself and only talk when i need to.i'm wondering whether i would even a minute, by keeping myself quiet and all to myself.i think its in my genes.and the alleles of being a chatterbox are dominant alleles.well,thats it for now.enough blabbering and buck up for upcoming event,the mid semester examinations. oh no!

shoot for the moon,if you miss,you'll still land on stars!
*twinkling stars*

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