Thursday, April 2, 2009

a refreshing beginning

My new beginning started when I was asked to join the National Service at Kem Similajau Bintulu Sarawak.I wasn't happy nor sad I chose to follow the rhythm,so in the end,Alhamdulillah I did eventually reached borneo island on 27 December 2008.Briefly I was placed in Delta Company and did the daily routines ala-ala tentera gitu but yet I'm going to tell the details later on.Don't worry.But I wasn't long here as was offered a place in MSU(Management and Science University) and was suppose to register on 19th January.So then again bye-bye Sarawak,here I come Shah Alam and tadaaa!! I was on my way home.Well,I registered and was already given assignments to complete(imagine facing that on your first day of college,well as Hlovate's saying live hell or live well I choose)and I did choose to just bear with it when suddenly I got to know that the programme offered wasn't recognised my MARA .Oh dear!!Can you believe that and to say I just started the whole thing, but with God's help and my parents determination I gave up MSU.So,wait I need to catch my breath.There's so much going on here.Phew....The next day I opened a new book again being an assistant teacher of IISSA(Integrated Islamic School Shah Alam),it ain't easy but you gotta live no matter what.But the funny thing is when you work in a kids surrounding you actually get to expose the kid in you.No matter how egois a person is,we all have what we call the 'kid' inside us.Thanks to class 1 Ar-razi for accepting me the way I am.Now the three different phase I just faced is really an experience that really refreshes my beginning for the year 2009.So May Allah Bless me and guide me towards the right path.Till then.adios~

1st phase

2nd phase

3rd phase

4th phase

insyaAllah in Royal College of Surgeons!!

its not much,its not a masterpiece,but its sincerely from me...

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