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| how smiles can bloom the hearts

once i was in kampong,my aunt brought back home the movie,hantu kak limah balik kampung for us to see,all my uncles and aunts laughed so much that they rocked the chair hard,still my granny topples everyone out,she laughs and giggles until she nearly fell out of the chair,

but me,I couldn't even stand the story for a quarter of an hour!OMG I really despise comedian stories especially this one,because they are not funny at all,I don't get the so called funny parts, when usop who was disabled and sat in a wheelchair,when he wanted to run for his life from this so called ghost,he mounted the wheelchair above him and ran away with his leg and feet,apparently just now he was disabled,duh!and what squints me and bugs me is that the so called ghost wasn't even a ghost,it was just a disturbed villager called Limah.sheesh,that wasn't entertaining at all.

and i really want to say that raja lawak is the most stupidest game show in offence but it enhances stupidity and i just can't stand the corny jokes they make,like people say,'sikit lagi nok lucu,tera lagi pahni deh!'but,my dad loves this show,i mean,he approves it,he laughs to all the so called jokes made by these jokers but i just don't get it!

my aunt once said,'you're being too serious and tensed,try loosen up a bit,then you'll get the humour' but i still won't go for raja lawak and comedian stories,no way.i guess i am being a little bit tight in the edges,but i want real jokes not corny jokes,

even the prophet said there are ways to tell jokes,not simply by making a fool of other people,

One must not humiliate someone by joking (Tirmidhi, Birr 58)

 “Woe to those who tell lies to make people laugh!” (Abu Dawud, Adab 88; Tirmidhi, Zuhd 8)

still,there is no harm in making others laugh and smile,only excessive laughing is not liked by our beloved Rasulullah (saw) especially laughing out loud,

pernah dengar kan,

too much laughing will only lead to crying

so instead,lets manoever our excessive laughing with smiling,smile to people a lot,smiling to others reflects the peaceful and beauty of Islam,even Rasulullah (saw) hardly scowled no matter how that person treated him, be it bad or good.

Sometimes he shed tears, like pearls, so much that his prayer rug got wet during the hours he spared for tahajjud prayers at nights. When he was asked the reason of it, he answered: “Shall I not be a grateful slave?” (Bukhari, Tahajjud 6, Riqaq 19; Muslim, Sifatu’l-Munafiqin 18). While he showed his gratitude to Allah by praying at nights, he proved it to people with his smiles, tolerance, optimism and friendliness. 

As a matter of fact, one could not be a grateful slave by complaining and scowling his face. Tears flowing down from the eyes of the Prophet were the pearls of the night ornamented with prayer rugs when he was alone with his Lord, not when with people. That eminent person’s – who said “If you knew what I know, you would laugh a little and cry a lot” - smile which spread peace and bliss around was the reflection of his gratitude.

 A true believer, who should follow his example, should have a sorrowful heart as a result of awe and problems of Islam and status of Muslims and pondering over them. Nevertheless, he should light up the darkness caused by unfair people, with his smiling face which shows that he is grateful. Even though his soul cries, his face should smile. He should know that scowling face towards a Muslim is insult and violation of personal rights, and his mercy for his Muslim brothers should be seen on his face.

One should show his gratitude both with his manners and attitudes and also with words, that is, verbally. Characterless attitudes, levity, sassy laughter, free-and-easy manners, and a depressed face which shows pessimism, hopelessness must equally be away from a true believer. Islam gives one peace. The era of the Prophet’s order which abolished the order of Ignorance is called the era of bliss. Muslims are amongst good deeds in the world too. They are not blind to the beauties around them. They love what is created, because of the Creator. They see the full side of the glass, the half of which is filled with water. However, if they can, they try to fill the empty half themselves first.

Let us bear in mind that the Prophet faced more troubles and hardships than us. He faced more starvation than any of us. He had more burdens and duties than the most responsible one of us. He was struggling to solve a large and difficult problem, which can never be compared to ours. Nevertheless, unlike us, he never complained and his face was not scowled; he was not, stressed, tired, troublesome or pessimistic… He had to set an example for us on the issue as well, like in everything else (al-Azhab, 33: 21). We should refresh our lives by following his sunnah properly, relocating his era of bliss to our day. One who is not smiling, peaceful and confident amongst people cannot shed tears of pearls on his praying rug at tahajjud at nights.

Let us gain thawab (reward) of martyrs by following a forgotten sunnah of the Prophet at this time, when mischief is at its zenith. Let us be cheerful and humorous towards all Muslims around us. Let our smile, our smiling face be the reflection of the fact that we have found the source of peace and that we relocated the era of bliss to today. 

A complaining and scowled face is rather an indicator of unbelief or ungratitude; and stress and psychological problems such as depression are indicators of the disease of mischievousness in one’s heart; a smiling face is the indicator of gratitude. Let us convey the message which we cannot put into words, at least, with out face. Let our faces be inviters to peace and Heaven. When someone looks at our face, he should adore us and try to resemble us, to be like us. Firstly our faces, then words should be harbingers of goodness, not disgust. 

Hurry up, what are you waiting for, change your complaining, ungrateful personality. Though your soul may cry, let your face smile. Make us happy, cheer us up. Hurry up, what are you waiting for, caress your child’s or brother’s/sister’s hair. Make kind jokes with your spouse, show your love 61 times as a ransom for a religious brother/sister of yours whose heart you broke. Show with your face that looking at a Muslim’s face is equal to looking at Heaven. Embrace your brothers/sisters and friends around you. Salute all Muslims you know and you do not know, send your smiles to each other as gifts… Why are you still waiting? Before the day of resurrection arrives, offer people your smiles, which are the reflection of the revolution inside you, as an essential facility for that day, and as a inheritance and symbol of the Era of Rose… And copy the expressions of “Al-hamdu lillah!” and “O Lord, praises be to you!” to your head from the Book and write it on your face… Spread smiles and roses like the Rose-Prophet! Like the Rose-Prophet… Like the Prophet who made our souls smile… Like the Prophet whose both words and face bloomed like a rose… (┼×amil ─░slam Ansiklopedisi, 6/326-328).

from a website of  Questions of Islam.

senyum sokmo!


Nor Athina Muntaha said...

he~ i dont prefer that kind of joke either:)

But i like people who are not tend to look funny, but have a nice sense of humoured indeed^^

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xslh nk wat lawok, tapi gak lawok tu duk nipu, gura pun berpado la dop...huahuhauha

update lagik2...

miza said...

haha gurau kasa laa kiki ni :p