Friday, August 12, 2011

| between two destiny


whats next , to be in Egypt or India?

I chatted with my beloved sis 'ain

and she told me this :

masa rasulullah saw hantar mus'ab ,
rasulullah tanya mus'ab apa rujukan dia di madinah nanti ,
mus'ab jawab, apa yg dia peroleh dr tarbiyah dengan rasulullah dan juga ijtihadnya ,
dan rasulullah saw tersenyum dan melepaskan mus'ab pergi ,
dan apa yg dia peroleh dr tarbiyah rasulullah tu
antaranya tentang aqidah yg dirujuk dr al quran
jadi, sebenarnya mus'ab bawa al quran dalam dada dia

Wherever I go , I hope I bring along the Al-Quran with me too inshAllah.


faiezz said...

moga walau dimanapun kita berada..
perjuangan kita ttp lillahi ta'ala~

Lyana said...


insyaAllah :) follow your heart. eventho heart is at our left side, but its always right :P hehe~

nadhirah said...

:) i'll pray for you.

Aqeelah said...

fatin : betul3, and it ain't easy right , jazakillah atas peringatan syg ku.

lyana : noted and i just quoted your words,nice :)

nad : being as sweet as ever,praying for all,i love you dear <3

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