Wednesday, August 3, 2011

| wisdom teeth on guard

I went to the dentist today , and did scaling.Astaghfirullah,when I gurgled after the whole operation was done,a whole mouthful of blood was gurgled out and it had that rotten smell with it.

A few hours later , my mouth ached and my gum was sore . I couldn't talk and think properly since the pain was agonizing and too overwhelming.

two words describing it was : it hurst!

My mind ran back to friend of mine who just had a mouth surgery , I feel like I want to burst in tears whenever I think back of it.I mean , try imagining your mouth not able to function properly. , its so painful and I'm so awed with her spirits , may she be among those who are patient . Coming to think of it , your mouth plays a vital role in your daily life , you talk with your mouth , you smile with your mouth , you eat and drink with your mouth and you breath through your mouth too !

Too many things done with your mouth , so when your teeth are in pain , it disrupts the mouth's function and you might turn out as miserable  as ever throughout the period.

That's where you are so glad and thankful to be born as a muslim , because you know how to grateful and patient at the same time.

"hasbinallah wani'mal wakil"
cukuplah Allah sebagai pelindung

and its the truth.

To my dearest zawani ,

get well soon , i don't know how to express my endurance and hope that you'll get better as soon as possible , to be able to go through ramadhan with a smile and go to India peacefully inshaAllah.
kawanku dunia akhirat.

Love Aqeelah

p/s not to forget , since its Ramadhan and the pahala multiples as much as can be , among the simplest thing to do is by just smiling :)

smiling is a form of charity so spread the smile to everyone on this universe , inshaAllah , Allah counts each smiles that comes with a sincere heart , so utilise your mouth as much as possible.


Anonymous said...

i do scaling at least once in a year. but fortunately, i didnt hurts me much maybe because i have get used to it. hehe. but during the process, yes it is quite annoying. haha.

SMILE! :D --> for you lovely ukhti.

.w a n e e. said...

awww terharuuuu. thank you kiki. aiyo now everyone tau alrdy.

Aqeelah said...

lyana : aww thats sweet of you to give a smile through the web :) live dari nilai,oh betul3 maybe sebab ni the first time after sekian lama,and my dad ada kata , macam longkang kalau dah sekian lama tak berus,memang kena beristghfar and perlu pemberusan yang tip top baru boleh bersih,same goes for teeth i suppose :)

wanee : oopss so sorry,I hope i didn't tell too much :( , still my prayers and also our friends prayers are accompanying you always <3,just realised I do care for you too much,tadi tengok video kau and mayang,wow missing my homies la :'(

.w a n e e. said...

u didnt tell that muchh.nvm.oh video mana? aku tau ada video mayang yg tgh studyyy buat mukaa.

Aqeelah said...

wanee : teehee :)
well apparently i have lots of your videos sebenarnya :P
tapi yang aku belum transfer and still dalam handphone aku is yang kau duk atas meja masa tengah exam,oh adn ada satu lagi dengan elis,rindunya cik elis kan :O haih...
rindu la bdak2 ktt dah berbulan bulan tak jumpa kan,inshaAllah jumpa lagi,get well soon honey :)