Monday, August 15, 2011

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follow your heart , its pointed towards the left side of your body but it's always right -lyana hamid

its not easy to follow your heart , since you don't know if your heart chooses correctly or wrongly? thats why , my ummi always says , do istikharah continually and make du'a . whatever intuition you have after all those stuffs that you did , insyaAllah may lead you to the right path.

I'm not going there as a medical student only , I know I have a much bigger responsibilty , 

And (remember) as your Lord took from the Seeds (Or. sons) of Adam, from their backs, their offspring, and made them bear witness concerning themselves, "Am I not your Lord?" They said, "Yes indeed, we bear witness." (So) that you should not say on the Day of the Resurrection, "Surely we were heedless of this, ".

Not everyone gets to be in the wealth of Islam and Iman , so if you are in it , be grateful.

I have not much to say , except , make full use of Ramadhan (really talking to myself) and pray that every muslims get to meet , the night of lailatul qadr . InshaAllah


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