Saturday, December 25, 2010

Allah is with me,you and all of us.

Hadis Abu Hurairah r.a katanya:

Rasulullah s.a.w bersabda: Allah s.w.t berfirman: Aku adalah berdasarkan kepada sangkaan hamba-Ku terhadap-Ku. Aku bersamanya ketika dia mengingati-Ku. Apabila dia mengingatiKu dalam dirinya, nescaya aku juga akan mengingatinya dalam diri-Ku. Apabila dia mengingati-Ku dalam suatu kaum, nescaya Aku juga akan mengingatinya dalam suatu kaum yang lebih baik daripada mereka. Apabila dia mendekati-Ku dalam jarak sejengkal, nescaya Aku akan mendekatinya dengan jarak sehasta. Apabila dia mendekati-Ku sehasta, nescaya Aku akan mendekatinya dengan jarak sedepa. Apabila dia datang kepada-Ku dalam keadaan berjalan seperti biasa, nescaya Aku akan datang kepadanya dalam keadaan berlari-lari anak.

Allah is with me,you and all of us no matter what.

I wanted to start today with a such a sweet hadith qudsi.For me,the moment i hear this hadith being recited,its like a love letter from my lover,Allah.

Astaghfirullahal'azim.I would definitely have to remind myself to be patient whenever I'm not in a very rational condition.I will get all tensed,I would feel pissed off with everything around me and it will lead me to curse whatever happening in front of me,mashaAllah!

Last night,I was so mad last night,I was stressed out with my classes in college,how I felt like time was creeping by so slow and loads of things to be catching up.And I really hate people scolding in front of my face,so eventhough it hasn't happen yet,still the fact that you are being scolded 24/7 will arise a feeling of uncomfortable and insincerity,won't it?and than, when i returned home,i felt as if my existence was deniable,I was as though no one cared(I'm really particular and sensitive in gestures and tender care btw,my bad).And the fact that Abah cooked a magnificent dinner similar to a thanksgiving's day meal but of course it wasn't a real turkey okay,still relapse this feeling of mine.

so,what happened?

obviously,I straight away started blogging and there were some foul languages here and there,but it wasn't finished.I just left it in my draft,and I think it will be preserved there from now on.

so towards the night,we had gather,the whole family,or should I call it the Ladies Night?I think I should.Basically everyone was talking and everyone was listening.It felt good and I was soothed. 

I slowly whisper to myself,I have to be a good girl from now on.

Today,my brother Ahmad and my sister Maryam had an Ihtifal,Una,Abah and Ummi also went to see their performances,too bad me and Ifah couldn't follow due to something less important.

But the highlights were,by the time everyone came home,they were all chanting a nasyid sung by all the kids who participated the camp my siblings joined.At first,it sounded like a typical nasyid,but hearing it in slow motion really meant something,it sounded something and it was working on something,the only thing I could link was the rise of an Ummah,Allahuakbar!

It went like this,

Umat Islam harus cemerlang
hari ini 
mesti lebih baik dari semalam
jangan buang masa
siapa kata kita tidak boleh
kita ada allah maha kuasa
kita punya kuasa tenaga
doa sebagai senjata
Umat Islam sentiasa boleh!
Umat Islam sentiasa boleh!

Again,Allah is with me,you and all of us.

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