Thursday, December 23, 2010

one two jus

suddenly on one fine morning,we were chanting

ola oli
ku beri nama
saudara saudari
chikaboom chikaboom
siang siang hari,malam malam hari
disco disco
putih putih melentik ali baba
merah merah menyala 
miow miow
siapa yang baik hati
tengok siapa yang kena

now after all those years,I get to conclude that,we were so childish at that time,besides how on earth could we chant something as preposterous as that!and if we sing it back now,its like uber hilarious and we would be cackling and rolling on the floor in no time!

today,PMR results were announced,and my friends who had brothers or sisters who sat for this year's PMR did excel these days are super excellent.

well,I'm not as allergic to the field now,as I do in the old days,at least I can profute water from my body and it makes me feel better,

last night's beauty class with miss zawani really made me thinking that I need to take care of myself better,jange bolo' sangat dih?

well then,I wanted to tell more,but its vanished the moment I sat on this blue chair,thats why all the writings above are all random.

off to go for akhawat games,fastabiqul khairat!


itekkiut said...

games ape? ;p

munira said...

jange bolo' sangat?hahaha
lah3 :)

Aqeelah said...

ain-mane ada bbq la,just ada main-main ala sukaneka,tak sempat nak buat yang gempaq2 or whatsoever,nanti korang buatla besar-besaran ye,buat futsal,basketball ke apa kejadah nanti

munira-tahu!haha sjak kecek pah besar duk bolo' situla,i miss kelate so much la munira weh,susoh nok jupo pok2 mung doh,waaaaa,anyway tgoh cuti ke gapo?

itekkiut said...

wooo.nada2 marah di situu. ;p

Aqeelah said...

takla sayang,mana ada,hehe awak ni,just tak sabar nak jumpa korang kat ktt,kitorang pressure sangatla dgn class and buku2 alevel ni

.w a n e e. said...

haha aku rasa orang lain pun boleh buat 'beauty class' jam 2 pagi tu. nothing major.

itekkiut said...

understood.mesti banyak gilaa xtra class n miscellaneous nak buat kan?pernah rase pressure yang lebih kurang sama.chill eh,sabar banyak2 n kuatkan hati. chaiyok2!

munira said...

cuti2.tapi no g doh la.lamo doh kot xjupo mg!!!nok ujng dunio mano eh???haha

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