Friday, December 31, 2010


Happy New Year everyone!
It’s nearly the verge of 2010 and everyone’s chit chatting here and there about Malaysia’s football team,winning last night.Despite losing in Indonesia they won overall and I must say they won our hearts too,don’t they,so a big round of applause once again.
Like in one of a sports column said,after 14 years of ‘drought’,we have finally found our oasis,alhamdulillah!
And to you,my housemate,you can do it okay,don’t worry  about people around you,Malaysia Boleh!
Now,everyone’s talking about resolutions and renewing them.One of my lecturer told about putting a manifesto on our wall and before sleeping at night do a little ‘muhasabah diri’.I was thinking to do one myself,but I remembered my resolutions have never been finished,so instead of bothering myself to think and make up new stuff,I prefer to utilize my unfinished missions,insyaAllah
To my kids,I owe you guys a sitting right?I’ll try to replace it as soon as possible,usrah’s can’t be postponed too long.tak elok gitu.
And to wrap up the day,we just finished physics class,and I always feel soothed whenever mr zaini’s class is on air.He’s got groove and he’s the most dedicated person that I’ve ever seen on earth.
We were learning forced oscillation and he was giving an example by drawing a girl on swing,and suddenly he drew a daddy pushing the girl and wrote a caption saying ‘daddy that is bullied by the girl’,OMG!it was hilarious, the whole class was  rolling on the floor laughing in no time,but still his ways are precious and totally understandable .
Basically,the concept was that the daddy acts as the ‘external force’ and daddy gives force periodically when pushing the girl so he will have the ‘driver frequency’,thus the girl swings and she will be the ‘driven frequency’,if the daddy gave the girl constant force when pushing,well then,a few seconds later ,she’ll be definitely thrown off the swing.So this is what we call forced oscillation.
Before he ended,he gave a few reminders.
1.Do not play and party too much!
2.Take care of yourself.
3.and don’t forget to study.
Baiklah sir!

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