Wednesday, January 12, 2011

a glimpse of the past

In less than a week,I will be sitting for IELTS.An examination that is required to for a placement in the landa of Agra.Everyone are having hectic days,hustle and bustle here and there to prepare for this examination.

I am one of the thousand candidates who will sit for it this upcoming friday.To begin the story,so there I was nearly everyday having consultations with lecturers regarding loads of things.

Its a norm to see lecturers and let them talk to us,advice us and smile at us,but i was flabbergasted with this one lady for something she did,which was simple but remembered me of my memories in colchester a few years back.

I was with jawahir and we met her to check some essays and when we handed it in,coincidently,the the both of us forgot to put our names on it,now,how silly is that?

and so,she asked for my friends name and wrote it down for her.When it was my turn,she gave the sweetest smile that i have ever seen and in her gentle voice, said,

"and what is your name?"

I kept silent for a few seconds before I realised I was awkwardly quiet and told my name slowly,


and that was that.

she reminded me of miss honey in mathilda
she reminded me of mrs smith
she reminded me of mrs abbotts
she reminded me of many other teachers in kendall school whom I have forgotten their names

Its nothing much actually,but I miss the days when I was still in primary school and playing ring-a-ring-a-roses.

I miss kendall so much.

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