Friday, January 21, 2011

what part have you played?

I had a small outing with my aunty,cik rah,her husband,ayah mi and their only girl,sumayyah.We went to nilai for dinner,and I was so hungry since I was fasting so I was so eager to start and gobble anything up.

So,one of a franchise restaurant was chosen.

As we sat down and finished ordering,my uncle went out to seek for a prayer room for maghrib.

He asked and sadly there were none in the restaurant.To bottle up the sadness,the workers said,they even prayed in a store near the kitchen.


gere banga sero!peseng apo ni!kato negaro isle,tapi bakpola isle ngekok kat negaro sdiri.nok smaye pong kena gi laing.bengong ko!(monolog dalaman)

And I found a prayer room inside a small cafe.My hypothesis was,exclusive places don't have prayer rooms and non-exclusive places do.

Berkiblatke kebarate banga-banga doh ni,tunduk ko set dio,kito pong ado maruah nge tanggung jawab weh sebaga muslim!(monolog dalaman)

The anger inside me stayed there until the whole dinner,but I was surprise my appetite was still there!

I got back to my apartment that night feeling bloated and full.Jazakillah cik rah and ayah mi for the dinner.It was amazing to actually be out and about in Nilai with relatives,especially the roundabouts,they had lights like in i-city!

At home,I sat down,thinking.

I could do nothing,at the moment,but I can just keep on praying the rise of Islam one day.Allah promised us all right?

Dengan syarat,everyone are playing their part.

So,what part have you played?

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