Saturday, January 29, 2011

Z generation,they are cooler than you expected


I'm still here,even though being in a stuffy room which is cramp and having an insufficient air ventilation.After a day full of bliss and joys,I would just like to heave a relief for getting through the whole day,SubhanAllah.

Before i start on ranting about something I shouldn't,lets just say we had an awesome nisa' race,conducted by sisters from europe areas.There were four checkpoints and each one of them,had there own ibrah.And so,as a whole,what I could just say,we are all tied with a bond.ukhwah,and due to this bond we hold together,insyaAllah until we reach heavens, the bond stays there.

And now comes the highlights of the day,the playground invasion.

before I start,I would clarify a bit regarding this playground,it is situated in the middle of the neighborhood,where today,it was swarmed by childrens and bibiks,teehee.

all of us,decided to do some practical da'wah after learning theoretically the ways to da'wah.We swarmed the playground and everyone started to talk and get to know these charming kids.

they are purely innocent!I wonder how in the world could the troops in palestine do monstrous attack to kids there!Here,we asked a whole bunch of questions and they answered a lot back!May Allah rewards those in palestine heavens,insyaAllah.

finally,we tried gathering these kids and talked to them about the prophets.they know prophet adam,they know prophet muhammad,so insyaAllah,these are the generations we need for the future ummah!

me:kenapa nabi muhammad special?
iman:sebab dia baik,dia tak pernah pukul orang dan dengar cakap Allah

me:siapa nak masuk syurga?
everyone shot their hands up in the air,as fast as possible,Allahuakbar

these are some sharing we had with the kids.and SubhanaAllah,what is feeded to these kids are tremendously awesome,and at such a small age,she knows regarding taqwa,so she'll be pacing ahead in no time.

some more random shots throughout the playground.

cherine:kakak, kenapa kakak duduk dua rumah?
me:sebab satu untuk tidur,satu lagi rumah macam playhouse

cherine:saya serani,mak saya chinese tapi tak tau cakap mandarin,dan saya ada adik indian,namanya khaled.

me:what is her name?
cherine:which one?they are twins,one is crystal the other one cheysra,you can differentiate them both,one likes wearing trousers the other likes wearing skirts.

syaza:kakak,kakak macam muka cikgu saya,nama dia cikgu umi.

me:apa tu?
aiman;mengkarung,nama dia giki
(i mistakenly heard kiki and asked the name twice!)

kids are just uber adorable

monkey bars,you can see cherine swaying in the air.

cherine and the twins

iman and her brother umair

 ini perpaduan!

the threesome and khaled,aiman with his sibling,syaza and fazli

playground mission accomplished.

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