Tuesday, January 18, 2011

now I know why people can't simply say 'tak nak'

Whenever I start to lay cosily in my slumber,the strength of getting up and do daily job is uber difficult.I just have this strong addiction to sleeping and I can't say no.

It's tedious actually,especially when you have piles of jobs in front of you and just waiting for you to finish it up.But,you choose your precious 'baby' sleep instead of the jobs.For simplicity,I'll just say I'd rather procastinate  than do it immediately.Don't get me wrong, I'm not just simply using 'baby' sleep because I think I'm cute or anything.It's just that,I feel it is preposterous to sleep so soundly albeit an earthquake happening around you.But it happens.

And sadly,I'm among these preposterous people.

It's been prolonged since my childhood days the fact that I'm just into sleeping.Although ummi has nagged me numerous time,I just can't help it.

Whenever I sleep late,I wake up late and I've even tried to sleep early,but they gave the same results.Easy said,its null hypothesis,there's no difference between the two time limits.So I don't prefer the latter since it will enhance tremendously my workload.

So I can only conclude that this disorder is sort of an addiction,where I can't come out of my addiction unless I'm determined.I have to come out of my own comfort zone with my own desire and strong discipline.

And somehow I wanted to relate with smoking.Smoking is consumed by all levels of generation in whatever condition.

Despite the advertisement and campaigns all over the nation regarding the bad effects to both active and passive smokers.why do people still do it?

According to the current status quo,mostly teenagers smoke and continue smoking unabling to quit due to the addiction towards the nicotine which is inside the cigarette itself.

So surprisingly due to addiction huh?

And there the 'A' word pops out of no where again.It's not there fault they are addicted and it's not that fault to stay addicted.

But to future smokers or pre smokers,before you get yourself addicted,please think for the umpteenth time the consequences and effects.Think of your beloved ones and love yourself more.

I can't simply barge in and blame those who just can't simply say no to 'tak nak' campaigns,because only Allah knows them best.Not me,not their loved ones.And one of the ways to quit smoking is keep yourself hard on the ground,do a lot of ibadah and try to shorten the distance between you and Allah.

This might be puzzling why i'm suddenly going on ranting about smoking and stuff,but after seeing someone I adore coughing harshly till that person had to hold on to the door knob,I can't keep on being quiet.

So to those out there who have too much sleeping disorder or puffing cigarettes exceedingly,lets together try and stop this addiction which we all know,will lead us know where.Addiction can be overcomed,don't worry!

life is full of pretence but heavens is for real.hence,which would you prefer more?

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