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an e-letter from jakarta


alhamdulillah alhamdulillah alhamdulillah!

It's enchanting to chant gratitude to Allah the Almighty,besides,its just the matter of wanting or not.Today was a great day,despite of waking up late and missing the trip to Kuang,I'm just glad to say,it's good to be here,in ktt.

The excitement started when akhawat from new zealand and australia came to meet up with us.I was reunited with sis zayana,whom I just recently met during DI in taman botani,putrajaya and alhamdulillah,I got to meet more of them,sis izzati,sis husna,sis jannah,sis adnin,sis naya to name some.

we did a small liqa' on the field and after taarof they shared a lot experience they faced along the tarbiyyah journey , it was so inspiring.whenever we have liqa' like this,it was felt warmth and good.there was always a strong feeling of belonging and belonged and eventhough we just met.It felt like i had known them for years,thats why,what kak arifah said regarding ukhwah itu indah! , means a lot to me.

before we ended the liqa',sis izzati gave some sort of closing speech,it sounded more or less like this though I forgot the exact words,

"semoga di syurga kelak,kita jumpa wajah-wajah ini(while looking at everyone),malah bertambah-tambah lagi bilangannya,inshaAllah"

Inshaallah sis,if we don't get the chance to meet up again here,we'll meet up there.

Night came,and i had an usrah with my adik-adik usrah,this time,alone,without harun.Frankly speaking,I was scared to death,I don't know why,I didn't fuss,but I just got scared,so I did quick revisions and some few rechecking and then I went to Lily's apartment.

Usrah was on and everything went on smoothly.Alhamdulillah,that's all I can say actually.

then this verse came along,

kemudian pasti aku akan mendatangi mereka dari depan,dari belakang,dari kanan dan dari kiri mereka.Dan engkau tidak akan mendapati kebanyakan mereka bersyukur

its about the devils effort, in bringing us astray and far from the roads to heaven in whatever condition.

they can come from the front,showing that the devils will scare us with death and hesitate us regarding the Day of Judgement,while from the back showing that the devils will indulge us with beauty of 'dunia' and the wahan disease,whereas from the left showing that the devils will always be a driving force in doing bad things and from the right showing that the devils will prevent us from doing good deeds.

so,are we going to fall for these devils tactics?

Nauzubillah min zalik

I returned to my apartment where mayang and wanee were holding a small get together with nabilah taib,and we had fritters to enlighten the small gathering.

and as I'm about to close the curtains for 8th january,I checked my facebook and got a message from my ummi,she's currently in jakarta with ifah and I miss them so much!I'm glad she's doing fine over there,ummi,I assure you to go to pulau tidung or whatever its called,and make sure you really tour the whole jakarta,I hope I'll be able to take you to India,that is if I get to go there,insyaAllah.
it's exhilarating to get an e-letter from your ummi right?

p/s I miss the days where letters and postcards were so fancy,i barely see them now.


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