Thursday, December 24, 2009

call me a bummer or even a wimpy matter how bright the sun shines or how wonderful the day was,i just can't seem to get out and generate sweat.i'd rather sit at my cosy place in the corner of my apartment or rather get exhausted from running upstairs and downstairs of the staffroom staircase,or else be at the freezing library till late evenings but to see me at the field, i don't think so.i know you need to at least,get out!capture some fresh air,they always try to convince me to get out and run around,but i politely deny and escape myself.well,lets call it an end for 2009 which means an end for the monsoon season in simple words goodbye rainy days.and to think for three consecutive days,my housemate,well not entirely all but one of them has been playing around getting all muddy and sweaty at ktt's fine field.she even came back with a grin last night,saying she won over futsal 6-2 and scored nearly half of it.bullseye!so yeay!i'm happy for her alright.but then again,when will i be dragging my lazy bones to at least do a breeze walk outside the apartment?suddenly i'm starting to have nauseate feelings because i haven't been refreshing the air inside me efficiently due to lack of fresh air inhaled!and to think i was just after reading about emphysema.briefly,rupture of the elastin walls,lead to some alveoli burst and bronchioles collapse and so the air can't be refreshed.and all that is thanks to mr tar!but I know I'm no where near emphysema (i hope so) so I should be thankful and actually take care of my own health instead of being  a total nuisance!so i'm not vowing or anything,i just hope that i'll be at the field one day.i should do that as soon as possible,right?

how on earth could you be excited about feskot?

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