Thursday, December 3, 2009


i was going through pictures that i put up on friendster and i found out too many memorable pictures,with families and friends.still i need to reminisce the days when i was addicted to edit photos or picniking,nearly every picture that i took was edited.i guess i should store them here after series of computer formatting ,my pictures have been deleted numerous times and i cant afford to lose more!!

with Tun Dr M during 2002 for the LHDN essay award

motivational quote during SPM

best buddy :shakira

English Language Society High Committee

sista's at school,kak long-farah,me and adik-meyo

a will by our debate leader kak ain

internet clan FAQE-farah,ezza,munira and me

my sisters for life-me,ifah,una,maryam


thats all for now

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