Wednesday, December 9, 2009

thanks for the poem abah!

How does it feel when the amalgamation of sadness and joy linger together?How can you cherish love to the beloved ones?What do you do when you request for something and straight away get it?absurd,overjoyed and bizarre is what I can merely say for now? Since little,I was the apple of the eye.I get what I desire.They play the games according to my rules.I can boss anyone I like.I conquer everything.But sadly,due to all these,I lose respect,they don't turn to me,and the most thing I fear is they will hate me so much.That is why,day by day I'm determined to change.yet,I've never change but continue being a pain in the ass!I love these people.Terribly love them that if I lose them I end up shattered into pieces and i don't think it's going to be an easy task to fix me up again.Enough said!
Pin-drop silence
I need to get back into reality,I splash water to my face to wake up.To realise where I am standing and obviously to get going.So, while the time continues tick-ticking,the sun never fails to brighten the earth,the stars aren't tired to keep on dazzling and shimmering in the darkness and I,still standing on earth due to gravitational attraction and respirate,shall I bear in mind,that the most valuable piece that is bestowed upon me,is my heart.No matter what my future is,the heart needs to be seeded with iman and faith for Allah.When you tend to diverge from the right path,reevaluate your heart and ensure it is on the right track.

credits for my dearest abah because he accepted my request and dedicated a poem.he's the best father in the universe!here it goes~

The Light of Life

The sky is so high  ….
I never bother to notice
The sea is so deep….
 I never bother to dive in
The land is so beautiful….
 I never dare to scale
The wind blows swiftly ….
 I never feel the breeze
All things beautiful around me 
I never wanted to appreciate

How ignorant I was …..

What if …..
The sun stop shining
Or the rain stop pouring
There be no more rainbows
To paint the sky
What if ….
The heart stop pounding
Or the eyes stop blinking
There be no more rhythm 
To play the song of life
What if
The bees stop buzzing
And the birds stop tweeting
There be no more sounds
To play the music of nature

How ignorant I was …
To know to deny
The bounty and the blessings
From Allah Rabbul Jalil
But Allah is The Most forgiving
For giving me another chance
To see and to feel
The miracles of living

I could see
The light at the end of the tunnel
That will end the darkness
To open a new chapter 
Turn a new leaf
Start a new journey
Deep into the soul
Tattered with filthy actions
And dirty intentions

ALlahumma anta robbi  Laalila haiLla anta
kholaQtani wa ana abduka  wa ana ala ahdika
wawa’ dika mas tato’ tu
aboo ubi ni’mati ka ala ya wa aboo hu bizanbi
fagh fir li  fainnahu la yaghfiruzzunubaiLla anta

O Allah please accept my taubah
For You are the most forgiving
…and thank You
For this life…..

p/s I know the structures of sentences are quite mixed and match.Thats what I tend to ramble when my mind is muddled and disorganized,forgive me.When am I ever going to learn to sort out my priorities?
*heavily sighs*

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