Sunday, December 6, 2009

srebrenica massacre

I was helping myself with this heartbreaking documentary.It was about Serbia or it used to be known as was particularly about ethnics cleansing. I realised that Bosnians Serb's didn't only act as villains to the Bosniaks (muslim) but they commited the attack in a very indescribable way.this massacre in serbia happened more then a decade ago yet ironically it happens everywhere,anywhere.the issue is simple,non muslims hate muslims and want to get rid of the muslims so they do anything as long as no muslims are left on earth!Iraq,afghanistan and now the latest news is regarding gaza in palestin.what's wrong with the non muslims?after torturing,tormenting,assasinating, what do they get?seeing rivers of bloods streaming within their feet,hundreds of bodies stacked high enough to build a mountain and people here and there dreading for their loved ones.I repeat,what do they get?satisfaction!fame!glory!Sadly in Malaysia,the citizens here just adore these west people,their lifestyle are exactly like 'those' fellas.from the tip of their heads to the lowest part of the body,everything is based on the western style,dreadful attires,scarred bodies,coloured hairs and the list goes on and what happened to the muslim community!hey ummah,rise up in the name of our ad-deen,bring back Islam!

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