Thursday, December 10, 2009


time constrain:a couple years ago
damsel A and damsel B were walking hands in hands.they knew they were going to be best pals forever.both were noisy and sometimes a little outrageous but they were definitely the down to earth type.they had differences that were negligible enough to complement each other.they were each other's shining armour and shared giggles,tears,gossips and the list goes on.but one day which turned out to be a turning point towards their friendship,B was asked out and began courting.Their friendship started to mess up and A and B wasn't seen anymore holding hands.


time constrain:a couple of years after school
damsel A and damsel C were always seen walking twosomes.they still weren't best friends yet,but A secretly adored C.whenever C was distressed A felt the pain too.she didn't know about C but she just had to protect was loud,the other was a little loved to talk and she could bear talking till the wee hours,while the other one merely scarce,they both had each other.they continued having each other until one fine day came,C was eyed by someone,she was proposed and A was once again left behind.their friendship began to scotch and A immediately remembered her relationship with B back then.was it going to end like that too?

all in all

  • their friendship were always in harm when the opposite sex interferes
  • A was always left behind ,forgotten and eventually vanished
  • B and C were happy enough to lead a future with colourful rainbows ahead
  • when will A ever meet her soulmates
  • A still misses the golden times with B and C and them too.
the story above is merely a tale told by an amateur story teller.gosh,hope that didn't sound cheesy.

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