Friday, December 4, 2009


I tend to blog every hour.whats wrong with me!but I must say my posts sometimes are super-duper lame.I want to write freely.I want to use English.I repeat proper English!yet how do you write posts that use appropriate language at the same time come out looking superb!I'm influenced by writing details of what happen to me that bores people to death.who the bloody hells want to know whats happening to your dead boring life.
Then again,the guilt has creeped in me again.Its like a silent killer.why should i care about what people care when they don't even care about you.fuh...thank god I stpped,it nearly turned into a tongue twister.
why do I blog?
for my own sake.
there's just this feeling when you spill everything out,you get a satisfaction that you get once in a blue moon.I must continue blogging.never ending posts.

get my own Pc
volunteer somewhere,somehow
get a sling bag
read bio,chem,physics('s the holidays!get a rest!)

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