Tuesday, December 1, 2009

without words the heart knows

after tormented and battled through Finals,I'm currently home and addicted to the drama you're beautiful besides my routine that is arising at midday.the plot is cliche where the lady mi nyeo who has to possess as her brother mi nam being a singer of the most loved boy band of all time ANJELL.When the members end up to know shes a girl ,they all end , well what else can you think of,loving her of course.well theres of course the leading cast where the lady is acted by park shin hye and the man is jang geun seuk and they are pertty hilarious.its a mix of a pinch of coffe prince with some spray of boys over flowers,so why dont you give this a try.

theres this one scene that actually turns out to be the scene that makes me fall for this drama.when mi nam has to debut a song wrote by tae kyung.at first she was pushed by her manager to sing it with her heart because they say she sings it monotonously.so she goes back to her village where in coincidence was her father's funeral and tends to try find the right feeling .as expected tae kyung follows her and she falls for him but can't actually tell him directly that she likes him.so in the studio when she starts singing and tae kyung comes in,her heart explodes showing her affection towards him and she sings superbly well,but she turns out to feel sad because she can't directly say,i like you to dear tae kyung.and it hurts if your heart burst by the feeling of love towards someone but not telling that particular person,doesn't it?

hope you guys enjoy it though

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-sshi- said...

well..it's normal for typical love story..
i love you but i can't spill it out yeah..
kiki bile nak express u'r feeling kat Waqiqi???
haha kiddin'
kiki..best x this drama..???