Friday, December 25, 2009

such a beautiful week,yet it ended ugly

last night was a blast,spent the whole night at mimi's and I felt free to pour her with my super sad devastated I was that day because I just felt dumb.DUMB.i'll tell you briefly about the situation .when you learn something , you may get into confusions.its ok to have misconceptions at first.but as you tend to get along the learning system and unfortunately you tend to always I repeat well nearly always have misunderstandings its sickening!its almost making me bonkas knowing that I always have misconceptions in learning , but to be TOLD straight on my bloody face that I'm always facing misconceptions makes me feel like a damn klutz!after that,I became irrational and spent the hours in a tale of woe and puddles of one cared and no one took me times to knock some senses out of me and realise.He was with me all along.through joys and sorrows He was always with me.How self-centered i was all along.i know some may see
'nah,its not a big deal'
''ll learn as you go through'
but all i wanted was some comfort,listen to what i was saying and pleasing me with warm smile.thanks a lot for the piece of advice last night,it really did build some strength in me.

thanks to mimi and jannah for total darlings,thanks wanee for caring and such thankful appreciation to jawaher for being there and hope you will always be there.

p/s i tend to like this picture lol

its a picture of smiling faces from jawahir,aini,anis and azila.try look beyond these four people in the picture and you'll see me and mimi.hope we are all blessed by Allah.

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