Friday, December 11, 2009

it's raining cats and dogs with thunderstorm whacking your bedroom window every are scared to death and try to curl yourself  as small as possible because you feel you're as cold as ice cubes and wish you had fur like the polar bears to resist the wander in your labyrinth of thoughts and end up drift off.the moment you awaken,it has stopped raining.what a relief!you peep out of the windows and is mesmerized too see the most captivating rainbow ever!you are in cloud nine and the whole world is enlighten by the smile on your face.


voila bean.literally-rainbows are AWEsome and they can put a smile on anyones face.figuratively-life has the ups and downs in it.if you always face the dark side.don't sink into misery.there will always be the bright side in matter what.

its been long and i really mean  L O N G time since i talked to you bean.and i enjoyed every minute.

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