Thursday, July 6, 2017

sandwiched life

waktu itu, I was still a freshie, 
still nerdy and specky, 
a first year alexandria university student.

And tahun itu juga, menyaksikan kedatangan dua adik-adiku ke mesir, ifah and una. I  must say I was in imbalance state, when they came I was completing my finale exams, I think I managed, yeah well, adalah gaduh cats and dogs, adik beradik ni tak dapat lari right from those things?

pengalamannya, nanti in some other post i suppose.

waktu ini, I'm all big and old, 
no specks but still nerdy, 
a sixth year alexandria university student,
bakal graduan biiznillah.

And tahun ini, menyaksikan kedatangan maryam and ummi abah pula ke mesir!

sedar tak sedar, semua dah datang ke mesir kecuali ahmad, which i pray will also come if in God's willing. 

tahun ini juga, mnyaksikan, me completing my final year, yet i think i'm coping also the pressure to become a doctor in  no minutes time.

betul ke nak jadi dr?

after all the hassle since my incomplete medical course in MSU, to the rocky Alevel degree in KTT, a short while in Pre Medic UPM with medic me sir, and now almost near the garisan penamat here in university iskandariah, mesir.

siapa kata life was simple? it is, but its not.

there was this session with dr hisyam, he is a nephrologist and he says now he has the chance to relax. before this, he really worked hard and put all effort to become a worthful doctor.

he said, 
study hard to be honest with your advice(once you become a doctor after this), be honest with Allah, because later on he will give you money and on top of that he will give barakah, thus this barakah will lead to happiness.
And doa senjata orang mukmin, terus meminta doa dari orang sekeliling, especially to those who still have parents, keep asking for their duas and redha.

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