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nilai se'genih'

I was queuing up at the payment counter to pay the groceries I was buying in Fathalla Supermarket. In front of me, was a lady with two small boys, around the age of 8-10 years old. 

The cashier was deducting things from her which caught my attention. He took away, some yoghurts and recalculated the bill.It now showed 34 LE. The women opened the crumpled money in her hand, there was a 10 and 20 LE only. 

She slowly, took out from her cart, a packet of macaroni and the cashier recalculated again. This time, the amount reduced to 31 LE, but the cashier guy, with full understanding, told her to just pay and come again with the money. 

I couldnt stand to see such thing going on in front of me, it nearly sent me to tears, and then someone appeared suddenly, paying the ever so valuable 1 LE. The cashier didnt want to accept it saying that the woman would return again. But she insisted. And she left without saying a thing. It left me thinking. About both, the lady, the cashier and the someone. 

I cannot judge the woman with such small meet-up, but i could see how it was a struggle, going to the groceries with you kids, wanting this and that, when you know you have to buy or you are reserted to buy only what you can afford. Maybe the yoghurts were for her sons too 😭. But you just have to toughen up to withstand these high demands of life. 

The cashier on the other hand, is an empathic egyptian whom i always meet here in egypt. They already know that life aint easy, so they dont 'bully' or become arrigant among themselves. He accepted the fact that the woman didnt have enough money, to pay at that instant . He let her go, and get the money in her house, and then return to fathalla to pay the remaining amount.
I still remember a professor saying, if Egyptians come to the faculty late, i cant scold them, life is hard, you get caught in traffic jam no matter how early you get out. See, another example of tolerable citizens among themselves.

And then, the someone, such heroic and inspiring act. Silent but powerful, the person came and went, as if it was a message passed by the angels for us humans to tak it as a message. Be kind to others, you dont know that such small act can give such a big impact to a life of someone.

I went back that day, thinking, what small act that i can do, that actually gives an impact to someone's life? 

Allahu T-T


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