Friday, November 11, 2016

inside to outside

It was a calm day today, with not that much of a hassle. I went out with one of a mutarabbi, to a dermatologist. She was doing some treatment and she went there for follow up. We were talking, simply about everything, we call them qadhaya(problems) or curhat(curah isi hati). She recently complained many times of being stressful, to the extent that it gave her headache, stomach ache and even affected her immune system and caused her to have red patches here and there, which we call, lebam. But i was taken aback, since i didnt know that 'stress' could affect someone dearly,  until i met her.

well anyway, the small getaway got me to know here a little into depth here and there. And start me thinking of giving her the amount of burden or load in order for her to not feel pressured, but at the same time, enjoy her moments in this road of dakwah and tarbiyah.

We then departed, at sidi gaber station, and thats where the emotions entangled me slowly. i was passing by a group of small kids, maybe with the range of 9 years old till 12 years old. they were running around, trying to catch a ball, i guessed it was like dodgeball only very classical, since the setting were in a train station area. The boys were not filthy, only the dirt smudge their faces in a way, and it nearly reminded me of a setting in the oliver twist book.

they were carefree, laughing and smiling cheek to cheek as if they owned the world. they even ran as fast as a gush of winds which surprised me with such energy. And importantly, they were out of sight from being anti social, or restricted to tacky savvy gadgets. 

suddenly, i remembered of an event that might happen tomorrow, that might make the beautiful smiling faces, into an upside down smile instead. This is actually because, sidi gaber is named as place to be avoided on the day of the chaos. in alexandria, the hot spot for tunjuk perasaan, ada tiga,

1) di sekitar masjid jamek
2) di bibliotheca alexandrina
3) di mahattah sidi gaber

esok, 11 november,

ada apa sebenarnya?

the people of Egypt have been talking about it on the roads, in taxis, here and there , nearly everyone has been agitated. mungkinkah akan ada gelombang thaurah(revolusi) ataupun as light as tunjuk perasaan yang berlaku akibat penekanan kehidupan kini.

ketiadaan gula, petroleum naik
duit dollar makin tinggi, duit egyptian pound makin merudum
taxes are up to 8%, and the prices marketed are way expensive than before.

its horrible, yet you cannot seem to be doing anything much besides being positive for the future, and sangat optimis yangAllah akan datangkan kemenangan kepada mereka yang yakin.

thats why, people, here and there are just ready for another wave of reformation(if necessary).

And semalam, 10 november 2016, marks a new watikah pelantikan of a new presiden of the states, donal trump. I dont at all recall the moment he was no more than just 'the apprentice' celebrity, because suddenly he was campaigning and running for the election!

the republicans who were his major supporters were happy, but the whole world seem gloomy, as gloomy as frosty dark winter.

itu di sana, 
di sini di mesir, juga krisis pihak pemimpin,
dan saya tak berhenti ke saat negara kita diseru, juga punyai krisis pemimpin yang kurang qawiy.

pemimpin, either kurang kecendiakawannya ataupun zalim, in other words jauh dari landasan islam. 
Dan dia reflect keadaan minda dan intelect rakyat yang marhaen tika itu. boleh jadi, dalam masyarakat kita, kita juga jauh dari landasan agama Allah, sebab itu kita tend to angkat mereka yang juga kurang berwawasan untuk govern our country.

dan dalam perlantikan watikah presiden, mereka punyai manifesto yang tersendiri, yang menggamit hati para rakyat, terutamanya yang di pedalaman atau kampung. jadi dengan manifesto white supremacy or free trades itu yang membuatkan hati mereka berpaut.

kata seorang ukhti, mereka yang berada dalam jalan dakwah dan tarbiyah, harus cuba kuasai majmuk rasail dan usul 20, untuk dapatkan overview tarbiyah kita dan untuk melahirkan duat yang kritis bagi membolehkan maratibul amal dibincangkan sampai tahap ustaziatul alam.

jadi what i need from you guys, is doa yang bersungguh agar pemimpin yang adil dan saksama diangkat. start from baiki diri. 

start Now or Never,
13 : 11

love from, us
yang sangat mengharapkan dunia dipimpin oleh mereka yang Allah redha.

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