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Hanya secebis of ipoh

I eventually reached Ipoh last night and after reading kafe biblioholic, i was so excited to reach novel hut and i did!


Only little did i know that it was only a small bookshop and it was situated among shop lots so it looked very humble with glorious books in it. I personally do think it was indah khabar dari rupa but who am i to blame, because i was the one putting expectations in the first place.Yet again, the writer described novel hut as such an amazing place and so cosy that i mentioned there were couches for you to sit, read and drift off to another land your personal read will take you too.

And basically the reality of the place is, it looks too formal and bold, mph would be more enlightening, the racks have sharp edges, it looks stuffed, the labels are all in arial font or was it time roman. The books are a lot but not as many as i imagined -,-' and thank god it does have good codes so i can basically search through sysytematically , though it doesnt keep record of the book data so you have to spend sometime on searching especially. the staffs are friendly yet i don't see their encouragement or interest towards books, too bad, and again why do i say so?

Well, i still remember an incident, it was in wakaf bharu, and near my grandma's house,
There was a book shop, and thus i entered to search if any book interested me and my hands flipped and tossed many books until i grabbed a bunch and schemed through.
I was so into a book that i sat down, crossed legs and eventually i bought it ;) 
Well i went to pay the books i wanted but i also wanted to find a book to my cousin, so i got back to the rack and took a book that i already eyed on, but hesitated to buy. I look at it for too long that i didnt realise someone passed by, and stood in front of me,

"Thats a nice book"
"I know, it is right! But im not sure if its okay for my cousin, she is still in her teens"
"Well it depends what type of book she likes. The thing about this books is, its so inspiring eventhough it looks like childish book.."
"I recommend you to buy another book instead, try a book about rabiatul adawiah, its nicely written and well told, maybe that could be suitable for her?" 
And the conversation continued a few minutes more before we departed.

Okay maybe you guys still dont get the point of the conversation right?

Well basically, this guy wasn't a staff of the book shop which was one thing, he was a mere worker in a grocery shop nextdoor. And it amazes me the fact that we kind of agreed regarding the same awesome book, though it wasn't an intellectual discussion anyway, but it is an achievement for me since i have just wiped the dust of my reading hobby and into it from day to day. And he also recommends a book with its synopsis showing that he really reads to the point that he can come up with comparisons and recommendations.

So that is what i call an ideal book shop staff, well he just got an unofficial best outside staff ever award from me,  even though there is no such thing.

Well back to novel hut,its choices of books are cheap, and are variant of genre. I bought two books of habiburrahman el shirazy's pieces, ayat ayat cinta and ketika cinta bertasbih, for a bargain of 35 ringgit !


Well all in all, we have to have our eyes wide open to see what a book has to say. In a book im currently reading, alif lam lam ha, ada quote yang buat kita termuhasabah sejauh mana kita memberi penilaian yang adil terhadap sesebuah buku, 

Begitu murah nilai ilmu di dalam buku dan begitu mahal untuk memeliharanya.

I think, personally that kerana technicals, novel hut mendapat kekangan untuk menjadikan itself a book haven for us.

Lets pray for the future of book shops in Malaysia.


terima kasih kerana membaca Sepetang di Kafe Biblioholic, terima kasih kerana hinggap sebentar di Ipoh untuk Novel Hut. Kedainya sudah tukar tempat, bukunya pun sudah tidak sebanyak dulu :( Mungkin banyak buku sastera yang lama sudah dibeli orang.

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