Monday, September 22, 2014

An open space to breathe

When my new friend came to meet me in town during my birthday.

I knew either it will make me towards Allah or go astray.

Everything was going fine until i installed social media applications, it was like a stalk feeder, and with a not-so-having-an-iman-yang-kuat inside me, I have certainly fell for those. I fell for a yet a tiny piece of device that is so strongly bonded to the globalised world.

Days before, before we have devices that are portable and we can bring here and there and install internet apps here and there to know whats happening to the world, I used to be on murai or beautifulnara until I came to a sense that these websites feed gossips and some gossips are fitnah, and Allah despises fitnah!

So, with a hard time recovering, he let me try to be strong against myself. Ihsan please!

Wanting to post something on Instagram or twitter or scrolling through Tumblr or Facebook,

Semua tu bersandarkan apa sebenarnya?

Gathering haunted likes?
Waiting for mesmerising comments?
Getting awed over others beauty,achievements and thus saying yours are too bad that you are nearly at the verge of useless?

Oh this world is full of impurity you are intolerable!

Benarlah andai dunya di hati, kita akan hilang akhirat.

I reside myself to blogging i suppose, even though its an amazingly old fashioned public diary. Yet it is not as spooky as the other social medias I mentioned above.

And why do I like it again?

Because for me words are not only just for expression, its more about gaining something, as simple as a reminder.

When i read mines back, it makes me remind myself of Allah the AlMighty especially if the post was about Islam, then again, agama itu sendiri nasihat.

Akhir sekali, doakan saya jadi penulis yang disayang tuhan, yang mencurahkan idea berupa nasihat dan peringatan dan menulis sehabis ikhlas, kerna pena mampu mengubah dunia.

Disclaimer; i am not despising social networks or the users, its a mere reminder for me especially.

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