Tuesday, April 15, 2014

keep writing in circles

you wouldn't know who you are until you write,
what you write,
reflects the inner you.

does it really show the real you?
what if you write for the sake of writing goodness?

i do not actually go with the saying
fake it till you make it,
but anyway, its something to do with it.

let me tell you something,
i texted my adik usrah,
well she actually texted me first to tell about the condition that i'm about tell now,

we were going to handle a mabit,
to my adik-adik usrah and my usrah neighbours,
and it happened to me the date clashed with their picnic,

and some choose to not go over preparing for the so-called-long-ago-planned-picnic,
and there were still some who insisted to go to mabit,
and some who were caught in their own anger saying that mabit was not something to be forced,
and she told me the conversation went on and on,

from her part, she really wanted to go to mabit, because it is part of makanan rohani,
and she said,

bukan ke, kalau kita buat sesuatu kerana Allah, baru ikhlas itu boleh datang.
sebab sifat ikhlas Allah bagi itu kekal.
Ikhlas yang dari kita itu tak kekal.

menarik kan kupasannya.

how are we so sure that the start of something we do is purely because of Him?
because ikhlas itself is only given by him alone specific to His beloved slaves.

we tend to hesitate to  make changes or do more better stuff each day mainly because we fret that we aren't sincere from the very beginning.

But the issue itself is about doing it for the first time either forcedly or whole heartedly for the sake of Allah, to feel the sincerity come along while doing the deed, afterwards.

thus same goes to writing. sometimes it crosses my mind that i write only good stuff, or maybe nearly everything is positive, then again life isn't a bed of roses.

but hakikatnya we have to keep on writing goodness, kerna di dalam syurga sendiri,  hanya akan terucap perkataan yang baik-baik sahaja.

like a soil is to the plant, it nurtures the plant's growth so long as it continues supplying it and taken care of from weeds or other bad external factor,
the same goes to us, the good writings or good deeds themselves, act as a nurture to the heart, the more you write or do goodness, the more humble the heart becomes of because the more you nurture with nutrients, the healthier it gets.

whether i write for whatever baseline or story, may it be leaned because of Allah no matter what.

I try to write because of Allah
indeed I do,

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